**Spring program is only available for High school, college and current 8th grade athletes**

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3/14/2022 - 5/5/2022
  • The Spring Workout Program

    Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

    Two Time Slot

  • Includes 3 strength and conditioning sessions in the weight room.

    1 field session

    Location: The Zone Gym, Hampstead, NH

    Total Price for Program : $920

    REGISITRATION FORM: https://forms.gle/3jWYQk4imUmhBGYx8

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Understanding of group selection

Group 1 is for advanced athletes who have multiple years of experience working in a gym environment. Workouts move at a faster pace and the athletes lift heavier weights. This group is aimed toward college and upper high school athletes. 

Group 2 is for beginner to moderate gym experienced athletes. This group also includes athletes that participate in off-season sports who are unable to attend the earlier class time. 

Group programs are designed for athletes with the same level of strength and condition. 

Visit our video gallery to see how our athletes train!